Wednesday 15 April 2015

Porzia, West Queen West, Parkdale

Tonight Teena and I were at the spring media launch at Porzia, between Dufferin and Brock on Queen St West.

Led by chef/owner Basilio Pesce, our staff believes in building memories around food and eating. It’s simple: We like feeding people.

We use local, ethically grown and raised ingredients to create menu items that vary depending on the season (our wine, beer, and cocktail lists also rotate). We believe this keeps things interesting for our staff and, most importantly, our guests.

Signature cocktails were made.


Meats and cheese were set out to munch on. It was quite good.


There is an open kitchen in the back. Here are some of the food served. It was quite crowded so I didn't get a chance to sample any. They look good, though.


As Porzia is in our neighborhood, we would like to drop in again sometime to try this place out when it's not so crowded.

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