Monday 30 March 2015

The Notre-Dame Basilica in Montreal

Today was grey, cloudy and damp but still Teena and I decided to head out and check out old Montreal. On the way, we stopped in to take a look at the Notre-Dame Basilica. Inaugurated in 1829, the outside has some very intricate details.  

At the time of its inauguration, Notre-Dame Church was the largest house of worship of any religious denomination in North America. The three statues on the fa├žade of the Basilica represent Montreal (the Virgin Mary), Quebec (Saint John the Baptist) and Canada (Saint Joseph).

Attached to the right of the Basilica is this building which in looking at the stonework has undergone many additions over the years.

Admission was only $5 and was totally worth it. The interior is so beautiful and detailed. Here's the altar.


The staircase was very detailed.


The stained glass windows gave some of the history of the church.

The Notre-Dame Basilica is well worth a visit if you're in Montreal.

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