Monday 22 September 2014

Birkenstocks = No More Foot Pain!

For years my feet have given me a lot of grief.

I enjoy walking and walk 3.5km to work and home each day but always with great pain. When I walk, the outside of my feet, especially the right one, becomes extremely painful as I have a tendency to walk on the outside of my feet which is called supination. I have tried orthodics, larger shoes, putting in insoles, taking out the insoles to remove the support ... basically everything.

Two weeks ago, I went into research mode and read everything online about my issue. I had thought about going to a place in Mississauga to have shoes made for me but then came across the Birkenstock Store website and started reading.


It all made sense. Birkenstocks have deep heel cups and are designed to have your feet land properly so Teena and I headed up to their store on Yonge Street at Summerhill. The store was the first Birkenstock store in Canada and Peter, who owns the store with his wife, really knew his stuff. I believe he has a chiropodist background and pushed areas on my right leg that he thought was likely painful from the way I walked. Yes, he was right and yes, those spots hurt.

Here is a shoe insert he built and designed back in the 1950s.

I was there for more than a couple of hours trying on shoes and doing lots of walking around the store until I finally selected this pair.

There was one spot that was rubbing the side of my right foot so I left the shoe with him to have the toe box stretched out. I picked up the shoe on Friday and wore them all weekend.

Today, though, was the big test! Three and a half kilometers to work and five kilometers home (I had an errand to run). Wow! It was all pain-free!. After all these years, I can now walk and be comfortable.

Now I can't see myself wearing anything but Birkenstocks for normal everyday use. I plan to go and buy some Birkenstock boots for the winter and will be back again for their sandals in the spring.

There is a saying on their website ... "If your feet are not becoming to you, then your feet should be coming to us".

I'm glad mine did!

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