Friday 15 August 2014

SummerWorks Music Series - Do I Have to do Every F! Thing Myself

Teena and I saw two SummerWorks productions tonight. The first was And Now, the End. Then we walked over to the Lower Ossington Theater to see Light Fires/Adam Lazarus - Do I Have to do Every Fucking Thing Myself, part of their music series.

When you look at the description of the play online, you will see "Warning: Coarse Language". I kind of get that from the title!

Most women know what they want. Regina knows what you want. With the voice of a shady angel and a body made for breaking hearts, she delivers anthems from the alleyways, and sets the nights ablaze.. By her beauty and the beat, you are hers for the taking. Regina is shadow and light, high kicks and deep splits, fierce tongue and soft touch. You already need her, and you haven’t even met her yet. Regina is a celebration of love. Regina is a celebration of the night. Regina is what you’ve been missing in your life. 

After a successful first showing of ‘Do I have to do everything my fucking self’ at the Rhubarb festival this past year, Regina is excited to bring you this re-mount in an expanded form! Containing more of her original songs, storytelling and high kicks. You’re welcome.

When we first booked for this, I never realized that Regina, the Gentlelady, is actually Reg Vermue, a Canadian indie-rock singer known as Gentleman Reg in drag.When I found out, I knew it would be a wacky, fun night!

Regina, puts on a very high energy performance. She does things in high heels I could never do in regular shoes. Lets see ... she talks hilariously about her life and growing up in Guelph, she sings, dances, does poetry, and tells raunchy tales. It's lots of fun!

Here's a sample of the songs, my favorite of the night, I Love to Work.

The place was packed and everyone loved the show!

Directed by Adam Lazarus, Performed by Regina The Gentlelady

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