Tuesday 1 July 2014

A Canada Day Walk Around Humber Bay

This morning, the weather forecast called for rain.

Hey! It never rains on Canada Day!

Although there was a very short five minute rain in the morning, the sun came out and Teena and I headed over to west side of Humber River to walk the shoreline of Lake Ontario home.

We started by the peninsula of East Humber Pay Park.

One of the first things we spotted when we walked along the short rock pier above was a family of ducks.


Although many condos have been built out here over the past few years, a nice strip of parkland has been left along the lake. Too bad this more a part of downtown planning!

Off in the distance is Sunnyside Pavilion.

These two are enjoying the afternoon and the great view of the city.

The pedestrian bridge over the Humber River.

Two seasons. The first picture is, of course, from today. The second was taken during a walk we took on February 23, of this year. Much warmer looking today!


Enjoying the day.

More birds!


Sunnyside Pavilion. Too bad the patio is closed for a year for renovations and restoration.


More baby ducks!


It was a hot day and the kids were enjoying the fountain and wading pool. Our mayor, Rob Ford, closed many of these last year to save money. I don't have young children but believe they need places like this to enjoy!

This woman was hot and had her picture taken cooling off in the lake. I was roasting! Why was she in a sweater?

It was a great afternoon for a walk and we always enjoy the Humber Bay Trail.

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