Saturday 28 June 2014

An Afternoon in High Park

It was a beautiful day today so Teena and I decided to head over to High Park for a stroll. When we got off the streetcar, the first thing we saw was the train. It circles the park and only costs a couple of bucks.

I thought this was inventive. If you have to cut down a tree, why not make preserve it and make the stump into something useful?

The reeds and bull rushes were high at the edge of the water.

A water lily! No bull frogs on it though but they were around as we could hear them croaking.

A red winged black bird. The park is full of them and I love their sound.

This may be a blue heron. They are known to be in the park.

These condos are in a nice location.

Relaxing and fishing. They hadn't caught anything and said anything they catch, they release.

A gaggle of geese!


A family with very protective parents. They were always between the little ones.


A sleepy duck. We were asked if we had seen any wood ducks. I don't know. Maybe this is one!

Swans are big, beautiful and graceful, although I wouldn't mess with this one.


Some strolling pictures


This guy had a great idea!

In May I found a cherry blossom tree in the park still in bloom. Here it is today.


A robin stops for a bath.


I loved the colour of this flower.

A sign said that this is a twelve-spotted skimmer. Glad the sign was there as I though it was just a neat looking kind of dragonfly.

Relaxing and reading along the trail

Hard to believe that this is in the city!

It was a great walk but hot and muggy. The beer at Mackenzie's  went down real well. We stayed and watched the Columbia-Chile World Cup game and had a bite. I had crab cakes and wings and they were fabulous. We were well looked after. I would go back again, and just might on a Tuesday night for their Euchre tournaments.

It was a fabulous afternoon!


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