Thursday 22 May 2014

Blossoms and Birds in High Park

I have this week off to do a project. As it is going to rain tomorrow, I thought I would take today off and head over to High Park to take some photos of spring springing. It was a rather overcast day but the colours did not disappoint.


Spring also means new life. Look what I found  in my first ten minutes in the park.


As they entered the water, this one, perhaps the male, approached me to be sure I wasn't going to mess with his family. I assured him I had no intentions so he went off and joined the others.

Whenever I see wildflowers, I always think of my Nana Foster, my mom's mom. They lived next door 'til we moved when I was eight. They had them all over their big yard. Later on when I was older, I would mow their lawn and felt bad every time I mowed a larger one down.


More colour.


This was so cool. A nesting swan!

More swans.


More blooms!

This bird was cool. Nice colours on the outside of the wing but extremely colourful when in flight. Never got that shot though.

Lots of people relaxing and enjoying the day.

These bird houses were a good idea.

I must admit I have a soft spot for chipmunks and was happy to see a few. This one came up to me thinking I had something for him. When he found I didn't, he went on his way.

More colour.


The star of the show this time of year is the cherry blossoms. I was told I missed it all by two days but found one last remaining one.


Next year I will be back when they are all in bloom. They are incredible!


I'm glad I took the time to head over to the park. It was so relaxing, just a great day to be out.

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