Saturday 19 April 2014

Stout Irish Pub Cabbagetown

One thing great about seeing an afternoon performance is finding a great spot for supper after.

Teena and I saw Arrabal this afternoon then walked over to Cabbagetown to find a place to have a bite to eat and something to drink. We came upon Stout Irish Pub which I've heard good things about and went in.

I love the decor. The bar is on two levels, a lower one with a fireplace when you come in and an upsatirs area where the bar is. There is also a large backroom area.


We were greeted and seated right away and it felt right away like a home pub. Lance, our server, who did a great job of looking after us, gave us the food menu and an extensive beer menu full of Canadian craft beers, mostly from Ontario. Not a big brew beer in the house. Because of the size of the beer menu, I knew I would be drinking beers that I have never had before.

The food too was great. I started with a scotch egg, which I have been craving lately. It is a breaded egg, with a deviled yolk with the sausage mixed in. It was a little spicy and was good but I wouldn't have it again. I love my scotch eggs wrapped in sausage.


For the main course, I had Mac and Cheese with bacon. It was really good and yes, I would have this again.

There is a games rack if customers feel like playing a board game.

Stout Irish Pub is the kind of place our neighborhood sadly misses. We just loved the spot and plan to take the streetcar over and pay it another visit this summer. Cabbagetown is lucky to have a great spot like this!

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