Monday 29 July 2013

Walking the Wall of Old Quebec City

Today we decided Teena and I wanted to walk the Old Quebec wall up to the Citadel. The wall was built by the French in the 1700s. The picture above is Porte St-Jean or St John's Gate, which is outside of our hotel.

We started with a great breakfast at L'Accent Bistro. Teena's review is here.

I have no idea how old the building is below but it is a cool looking building just outside the gate

This is the old armory just inside St John's Gate.

Some cannon pictures!


I bought a cannon of my own!

Walking the wall.


Here I am stylin' in Parisian Rose at Porte Kent!

 Porte St-Louis (St Louis Gate)


Winston Churchill met with Eisenhower and Mackenzie King at the Citadel just up the hill from this gate, to plan the D-day invasion. Winny still keeps watch over the gate.

The Fontaine de Tourny. It was built in 2007 as a gift from Simon's department stores to celebrate Quebec's 400th anniversary.


Quebec's parliament building, the National Assembly.


It was a great but tiring uphill walk. The weather would change from cloudy, to bright to cloudy and threatening, but in the end the rain held off.

Now at the top it was time to visit the Citadel!

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