Sunday 28 July 2013

Walkabout Around Old Quebec City

Teena and I are on a two night/three day trip to Quebec City.  We took an early flight, checked into our room and headed right out to explore the inside of the walled city.

Warning ... there are lots of pictures in this post and little very little writing. This is the view from the front of our hotel

It's absolutely amazing that the city is so well-preserved. Many of the buildings are from the sixteen and seventeen hundreds and it is a a UNESCO world heritage site!

We were starving and Teena had eaten at the Pub St-Patrick before so that's where we headed. The food and service was great. The bottom picture is the inside of the pub downstairs.


The streets are narrow and windy, running up and down hills.


The city is a walled fortress so, of course, there are cannons everywhere along the walls. I had to take an opportunity to direct fire!


Outside the walls along the St Lawrence is the oldest shopping area in the North America!


Teena and I are not shoppers but we did stop for a glass of wine and met a nice couple who were in town just for a day ... they arrived on a cruise ship.


We took the funiculaire back to the top from the market. Interesting that the entrance was in a house built in 1683 and was the home of Louis Jolliet who proved that the Mississippi flowed into the Gulf of Mexico


The view from the famous Chateau Frontenac.

We had a drink here. It is an upper end restaurant, with a very friendly and helpful bartender and is one of the oldest house in Quebec!

A couple of more shots around the city.


We ended our walkabout with supper on the patio of Pub Saint-Alexandre which advertises 200 beers. I went with two Quebec microbrewery beers, a Benedict Arnold IPA which was good but not great, and a black IPA from De Du Ciel brewery which was good. We both had smoke meat sandwiches which were good but expensive. They had live music which was good.


It was a busy day with a lot of walking. Looking forward to heading out again tomorrow!

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