Friday 14 June 2013

Wandering Around Stratford

Today I was in Stratford to see Waiting for Godot and had some time to walk around and take some photo's. Teena did not want to see the play, so for the first time I wandered around Stratford alone.

The downtown centre features many well kept old buildings.

I came across St Andrew Street that I have never been on before which runs right behind the Perth County Courthouse. There are some very historic buildings on it, including the back of the Courthouse, the old Registry Office which is now the Perth, Stratford Archives, the town library and the Stratford Jail, which from 1886 to 1986 was the Perth County Gaol. It is still in use and if you look closely at the lower wall, you can see the razor wire. There also is a very nice view towards the lake.

The Perth County Courthouse is a very cool building. I'm going to do a separate post on it.

This dam on the river creates the scenic Lake Victoria.

I finished up on the patio of the Boars Head Pub, just five minutes away from the theater. I had a Mad and Noisy IPL and a lunch portion of fish and chips which were great! It was a lot of fun wandering around for a couple of hours around Stratford.

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