Friday 14 June 2013

Perth County Courthouse, Stratford Ontario

Stratford has some very interesting architecture and none more interesting than the Perth County Courthouse.

It was opened on May 9, 1887 at a cost of $66,738.68 which would be $1,679,371.86 in today's dollars. That's a very good deal!

This building is an excellent example of High Victorian architecture; it combines bichromal masonry and a variety of building materials with features from different architectural styles. Italianate brackets adorn the cornice, while several Queen Anne features include the medieval tower; moulded brick chimneys; and the introduction of small multiple paned windows. (from a pdf I could not link to here)

Here are some of the details on the walls. I have come to really appreciate this kind detail.

This design fronts a roof peak. I like the baby holding the big sword!

It's a great building, one I would love to go back to with my good camera to take some more detailed shots

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