Friday 15 March 2013

The Artful Dodger Pub

Tonight Teena and I went to the Artful Dodger for supper. We were going to see Mary Walsh in Dancing with Rage the at the Panasonic Theater and this place had great reviews on Yelp and was right around corner from the theater.

The place had a great vibe when we went in and was close to full. There are two rooms downstairs and they were full, so we went upstairs to a full and quaint pub. Luckily we found a table by the window.

The beer selection was one that would satisfy most beer drinkers. Some big breweries, some craft breweries and some imports. I had a couple of Creemore and a Wellington Dark Ale. Had we time for one more, I would have had a London Pride.

Teena had honey garlic wings, which she really liked, and I had the burger with bacon and onion rings. We split a plate of garlic bread and it was huge.

The burger was really good but charred on the edges. I still enjoyed it and would order it again. They never brought over any condiments but after taking a bite, I loved it, so when they came by to ask if everything was good and if we needed anything, I said I was fine. This burger, although slightly charred, needed no help.

The service was great and I felt well looked after. There was some confusion with a drink that Teena ordered which you can read about in her review here, but overall, it was a great experience.

As we left, we both agreed that we would like to come back.

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