Saturday 10 November 2012

A Visit to The Royal Agricultural Winter Fair

Today Teena and I headed over to Exhibition Place to see visit the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair. Also known simply as "The Royal" or "The Royal Winter Fair", this is the 90th year this event has taken place. Teena and I went together for the first time last year. I hadn't been for decades before that. It's always fun and today was no exception.

Here's our visit in pictures.

There were lots of vendors selling items that we don't usually see in downtown Toronto.


Proof that brown eggs come from brown chickens.

This fellow is very taken by the bees in the hive.

Some award winning cheese.

There was a butter sculpting contest. This was my favorite. A sheep knitting a sweater from its own wool. Very imaginative. The display drew quite a crowd.

Rural fall fairs have all kinds of contests. Here are some of the fruit and vegetable winners.

Then, one of my favorites, the largest ... this one weighed in at 1112.4 lbs!

Look at the size of this, whatever it is!

I have no idea how they would judge hay but here are the contestants and winners.

Wheat judging.

On to the animals!

Time for some piglets. These were born on October 28th.

Finally we had seen everything and settled down for a couple of drinks at the bar area behind these barrels. They had more than a dozen craft beers on tap plus Niagara wines. It was a good way to finish our visit. Next year we plan to be back.

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