Wednesday 13 June 2012

The Loose Moose Burrito

Today before the Blue Jays game, Ken and I ate at The Loose Moose on Front Street. When I saw that they had burritos on the menu, I knew I had to give it a try.

Pulled Spit Roasted Chicken. Mozzarella. Monteray Jack. Cheddar

When at a burrito shop, there are plenty of choices of what to have on your burrito but with a restaurant, you really can only omit certain items. I still wanted to give it a try. While the $10.99 price seems high compared to a burrito shop, this one comes with a choice of fries, Caesar salad or house salad. I went with the Caesar.

The Caesar was great. Ken had a Caesar too and enjoyed his.

Time for the burrito!

First off, it was huge. I had to do the size justice so as the picture shows it is as tall as a pint glass, and almost as wide. (Oh, that is a Spearhead Hawaiian Pale ale in the glass, not a Heineken.) The outside was crunchy all around too so it may have been baked.

I must say, it was a good burrito. They were not skimpy at all with the chicken in the filling. I wish I had a good picture of it but it came out blurry. The description makes it sound cheesy but there is a kick that comes through.

It was a good burrito but not a great burrito. Better than I usually get in restaurants, however. A 6/10. Next time I'm at the Loose Moose, and I will be back, I would have it again for sure!

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