Saturday 5 May 2012

Celebrating Shawna`s Birthday at Rodeo Brazilian Steakhouse Rodizio

Monday is Shawna`s birthday but she wanted to celebrate it on Saturday night instead at Rodeo Brazilian Steakhouse Rodizio on the Danforth by Broadview.

I liked one of the reviews I read before going ..."In other words, if you are going to Rodeo Brazilian Steakhouse, you MUST come prepared to eat!"

Our group took up two tables and it was a fun night.

First is the appetizers from a buffet table. After that servers come over with meat, all kinds of meat, on a long skewer. This is not a place for a vegetarian, for sure. They finish up with grilled pineapple, something I will have to try to do myself.

The floor show has dancers and acrobatics. I knew the acrobatics would be good. As I walk down the hall to go to the bathroom, I passed one warming up by doing a handstand and then doing pushups from the handstand with no support. I was impressed.

The show was great, the food was a great and I was glad Teena and I could be there for Shawna's birthday celebration.

The meat
Dion and Shawna
Teena and I
The show

I didn't get a chance to adjust my shutter speed but these gives you an idea of how fast the action was.
And then came desert. Grilled pineapple!
Happy Birthday, Shawna! it was fun celebrating with you!

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