Thursday 15 March 2012

My First Visit to Barrie

I have lived my whole life just a couple of hours south of Barrie. I have zipped through the outskirts, taken the Barrie Bypass to skirt around it, and blasted on by it on the 400, but never have been downtown.

Today that changed.

Teena is away on business and has client meetings Thursday and Friday in Barrie. I thought it would be fun to join her today. I booked the afternoon off, jumped on a Go Bus and arrived at 2:20pm. It is a great day here, sunny and warm, so I took my time walking along the lake from the Go station to the Harbour View Inn.

It's nice here. We may have to come back for an overnight in the summer!

Here are some shots.

Barrie from outside the Allandale Go station.

The beach. The bay is still frozen.

I came across the "Spirit Catcher" a huge piece of art donated to the city by Ron Baird. The feathers that hang all move when blown by the wind. I loved it!. The top picture is from the front and the one below from the back gives an idea of its size.

The Harbour View Inn. Our room is the one upstairs which juts out.

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