Friday 16 March 2012

Barrie by Day

Today while Teena worked, I did a walkabout around downtown Barrie. Not much is open on a Friday morning. Seems most places, except the bingo hall, open around 11.

It's a nice town, obviously a tourist town that would thrive in the summer. The main street, Dunlop, runs parallel to the lakeshore and runs along the hill. Shops that face Dunlop have their basements which face the lake leased out to different owners than above. Most of those are small bars with patios.

Here are a few highlights of my walk

It was foggy and cool when I started my walk.

I found this quaint little spot for breakfast. They don't usually make breakfast but whipped up a big feed of turkey bacon, scrambled eggs and a nice bowl of fruit. The coffee was delicious too. The owner said they only opened a couple of weeks ago. I hope they do well! They are nice people with a nice place.

A multiscreen theater is right downtown on the main strip.

This place looks like it would make a great pub. Wonder why the last place didn't make it. Cool building.

The Barrie Gaol, completed in 1842. More on that in the next post. Behind the old Gaol is a modern facility. Nobody's jumping this fence!

The downtown library. I stopped in to get warm and use their WiFi.

Finally the "Spirit Catcher". I think this is a great work of art.

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