Tuesday 3 January 2012

The Swizzle Inn, Baileys Bay, Bermuda

The first afternoon, right after we checked into our rooms at the Grotto Bay Resort, we headed over to the Swizzle Inn, which was a 5 minute walk away. It was raining but Teena had heard that this was a place we should visit and we did.

It wasn't our last visit either!

The Swizzle Inn is Bermuda's oldest pub, having opened in 1932, in an old homestead dating back to the 1600s. It has been family owned since 1962. The inside have been drastically changed to house a pub but looking at old pictures that hang on the wall, the outside has not changed.

The service is good, the servers are friendly (Oxana and Van Dyke rocked), they have Oscars Ale from Dockyard Brewing, they are generous with their shots and the food is good. We were at an all-inclusive except for tonight and still would wander over. Our thinking was we could pay $15 each for internet at the hotel or have a couple of drinks in a great atmosphere, and use their free WIFI.

The food is good. One night we just wanted something familiar, as we were eating fancy at the hotel, so we ordered a pizza. Yes, they do pizza very well. Tonight, as we are no longer paying for an all-inclusive, we are eating here again. The bartender (I forget his name but remember he is from Etobicoke, ON) is going to find the Canada/Russia hockey game.

They encourage patrons to stick their business cards somewhere on the walls or ceilings and they are everywhere. They also allow graffiti. I am proud to say that my GKJ adorns one of their walls and my business card is also stuck somewhere.

The Swizzle Inn is a fun spot, the type of pub I wish was in our neighborhood. If your heading to Bermuda, the original Swizzle Inn on Baileys Bay is a must visit!

Enjoying an Oscars Ale on the patio

Teena with a Black Seal dark rum and Diet coke, me with an Oscars

My famous GKJ sits proudly on their front inside wall

My business card is tucked somewhere on this wall

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