Sunday 1 January 2012

Exploring Grotto Bay Resort

After rising a little late after the New Years celebration, Teena and I took some time to explore our resort.

It is a very nice property built on what seems a hill with a small cliff. The lower units where our room was, was built against the side of the cliff.
There are caves (grottos)on the resort. This one is especially interesting as it features an underwater natural pool where we could swim. We both stuck our toes in and it was cold! We decided that it was much nicer to look at than to swim in, although we heard there were 3 girls swimming in it later.

In all my life, I had never seen water so clear that I was unsure where it started when I went to dip my toe in!

What I found most amazing though was the quiet. Every sound was amplified. We would stand in silence and could hear every single drop of water falling from the ceiling and striking the pool. If one was into meditation, this would be the ideal place!
Our hotel is on a protected bay on the east side of the island. The water was cold so we only waded. There is a shipwreck for snorkeling nearby. Maybe if the water was warmer.
This in in a private corner of the beach. People come to relax and feed the may fish from here. There are fish here that I have seen only in salt water aquariums at home. The second shot is showing the fish lying under a rock shelf but fish of many size are all around.
The area behind the hole is the pool area, with a bar (in season, closed now) hot tub and exercise room. No, I never made it to the exercise room except to look!
And, of course, the roosters and chickens. Contrary to popular rumour, they do not crow at dawn but start around 4 AM!

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