Saturday 31 December 2011

Our Room at the Grotto Bay Resort

We checked into our room at the Grotto Bay Resort. The layout of the resort is interesting as from the main public area and restaurants it is hard to see any of the rooms as there is a cliff and the rooms are a level below. We have a great view of the resort, bay and ocean.

The room is quite big with a king size bed, mini fridge TV, oh, and did I say a great view.

Of course, there are chickens and roosters wandering the property. Hope they are not too noisy in the morning. I don’t need a roosters call to get up to milk cows. I don’t do that anymore.

Time to rest and relax so we are ready for the New Years party. After all, it`s been a long day so far!

Here are some pictures!

The view while laying on our bed
The view from our balcony
Just some of the chickens and roosters that freely walk about below. Hopefully they are quiet in the morning!
It's been a long day. Time to head for a nap before the New Years celebration starts at 9!

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Teena in Toronto said...

The roosters aren't quiet!!