Thursday 29 September 2011

Driving From Antigonish to Sydney, Cape Breton

Yesterday Teena and I rented a Jeep Grand Cherokee for our trip around Cape Breton Island.

This morning after a good breakfast at the Maritime Inn (our motel) off we went. It is supposed to take two and a half hours to make the trip. There are great stops to take pictures along the way and with a stop for lunch, it took us five. It was a beautiful enjoyable trip.

A picture is worth a thousand words so to save a lot of typing, here are some pictures.

The top end of Nova Scotia before heading across the Canso causeway to Cape Breton is quite scenicWe arrived at the 4,500 foot Canso Causeway which takes you over to Cape Breton Island. Sometimes the Atlantic Ocean can get so rough that waves will crash over it and force its closure. It would be a cool reason to call in to miss work. "Sorry, the causeway is closed." I am half hoping this happens!Cape Breton Island is a beautiful drive. A nice touch is when there is a community sign, the sign is posted in English and Gaelic.We stopped in Baddeck at the Alexander Graham Bell Museum. Everyone knows he invented the telephone but how many know that he was responsible for Canada's and the British Empire first powered flight on February 23, 1909 with the Silver Dart? We did not go into the museum but the grounds were great.They have this place. Teena thought it was the top of a boat. I thought it was a great place for a Chief or King to address the people.The view of St Ann's Bay is beautiful from the lookout on Kelly Mountain.The Bras d'Or Lookoff overlooking the Seal Island Bridge.Finally, two more favorites.

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