Tuesday 16 August 2011

Book - Under Enemy Colors

Ever read a book that you found hard to put down?

Then because you are constantly reading it, the book is done quickly and you are sad that it is over.

This just happened to me.

I have just finished Under Enemy Colors by Canadian author, S. Thomas Russell.

"Born to an English father and a French mother, Lieutenant Charles Saunders Hayden's career is damned by his mixed heritage. Assigned to the HMS "Themis," an aging frigate under the command of a captain reviled by his crew for both his brutality towards his men and his cowardice in battle, Hayden is torn between honor and duty, as the British navy engages the French in a centuries-old struggle for power."

This is the first book of the Charles Hayden series which I have read out of order starting with A Battle Won. It is a great adventure tale which kept me on the edge of my seat all the way through. The characters are well-written, especially the complex and somewhat tragic Charles Hayden.

The book is done and I hear there is a third in the series coming. I went to the author's website and put myself on the list to be notified when the next book comes out.

This book was released in November 2008 and the second in August 2010. Hopefully that means another will come in 2012. I am loving this series!

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