Saturday 27 August 2011

A Gord's Eye View of Toronto - Chester Hill St Lookout

I have always loved driving south down the Don Valley Parkway (the DVP) and coming around the corner just before the Bloor Street ramp and there it is ... across a sea of green, my city, Toronto. The Don Valley has been well preserved with its windy river and green valley and, as you round that one corner on the DVP, Toronto is viewed above the trees of the valley.

I have always figured there had to be a lookout or great spot to capture this view. One morning last week I was on BlogTO, which was doing a top ten of the best makeout places in Toronto and there it was ... the lookout at the end of Chester Hill Street.

A little tricky to get to, it has one of the great views of Toronto, right above that corner I was speaking about. The view above is pretty much what you see from the DVP as you head south.

Below is some of my other better shots.

Here is a view of the lookout from below. The DVP is just below the white concrete at the bottom of the photo.

We were there in early afternoon,
yet there still was a haze of the city and some fog coming off the lake.

A bit of an artsy shot of our city.

The zodiac is drawn on the roadway of the lookout.
Here is a nice shot of Teena!

Chester Hill Lookout was named as a great makeout spot.

Looking towards Bloor and Yonge.

Teena and I at the look-out.

A last look on a hazy day at Toronto.

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