Thursday 27 January 2011

My New Kobo, Reading in the 21st Century

Last October a friend of mine, Ian, bought himself a Kindle eReader. I looked at it and was impressed.

Teena is an avid reader and travels frequently. Knowing she would get great use of of this, I did a little research and bought her an eReader.

Instead of the Kindle, though, I bought her Kobo. They are very similar but the Kobo's advantage is that they have a connection to the Toronto Public Library, which has a large selection of ebooks to lend out. She loves it and uses it all the time.

Going into this past weekend, the books I had on order from the library hadn't arrived. There were still a couple of "old style" books that Teena still had to read from the library so she lent me her Kobo.

I loved it! How much?

Well, I went out Tuesday and bought my own. Already I have a book on order from the library for it, two to read which came with it and am currently reading Dexter by Design on it. Teena put the skin on for me and hooked me up to the Kobo site that same night while I was out.

I love that when I turn it on, it immediately goes to the book I am reading and when I click onto the book, it goes straight to the page I stopped at. It is so easy to use, holds many books, and is very easy to read. Instead of carrying around a few books, I now carry around this.

If you are an avid reader like Teena and I, a Kobo is definitely worth checking out.


Teena in Toronto said...

I love mine ... thanks for getting it for me!

MonicaH said...

What skin did you get for your Kobo Gord and is it hard to put on?

Swordsman said...

The skin is the one shown. Teena was great, as usual, and put it on for me.