Friday 28 January 2011

Christening the Kobo

This past Tuesday I went out and bought myself a Kobo eReader.

One of my great joys is stopping along the way home on the way home on a Friday nigh and stopping off at a pub to unwind from the week.

Teena, I think, likes this idea, as I am a trader at an on-line brokerage company and Fridays, especially the 3rd Friday of the month, which is Option Expiry Friday, are particularly stressful. It gives me a chance to read, have a beer, maybe two....probably two... the odd time three and unwind.

This is the first Friday, that I am stopping in with my Kobo. In fact, before I left work, Teena emailed me to say " Enjoy christening your new Kobo with a beer".

I stopped at the Beer Bistro, one of my favorite places in Toronto for a couple......OK three pints and a read. I started with a Muskoka Cottage Brewery Harvest Ale, bold, rich and hoppy.

Then, to my delight , they freshly opened a new keg of Black Oak Double Chocolate Cherry Stout. I love this brewery and knew they were working on something with cherries. Ken Wood, the president, had said to Teena and I, once when we were at his brewery, that he was working on a brew with cherries, one which did not taste like cough medicine. It was fabulous, very tasty, with chocolate tones and just finished with a hint of cherry. Again, all I can say, it is a wonderful, fabulous beer.

I was excited to find they had Urthel Hop-It, a wonderfully hoppy Belgium ale, which as far as i know, is only served there and at Sin and Redemption. It was all I remembered it to be.

Oh, and my reading. I finished 3 chapters or 1 chapter per beer. It was a great wa to unwind from the week. Great beer bistro! Great bartender! Great beer! Great book.

And a great way to read. I do love my new Kobo and feel I have christened it well.

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