Monday 15 February 2010

Canuck Pale Ale

Today was Family Day which meant a day off work and a chance to watch the men's downhill, one of my favorite events in the Olympics.

To help celebrate this event and to cheer on the Canadians in the event, I chose to wait and break open my first Canuck Pale Ale from Great Lakes Brewery.

I had heard good things about this brew and was looking forward to it. It was hard to keep from cracking one early as the original plan was to have a couple while watching the downhill on Saturday, which was postponed until today.

This beer is good enough to be on tap at the Ontario Pavilion in Vancouver at the Olympics.

The beer pours with a nice dark amber colour and a good head that lasts. Lacings coat the glass after each sip and each sip is a wonderful taste. I like a hoppy beer and this one does not disappoint. There is not an overpowering bitterness to this beer but instead a nice balanced flavour with a definite hop bite.

I enjoyed this beer and would most definitely buy more. I would like to try this one on tap as it is at a few pubs in Toronto. I am disappointed that this is only a seasonal and hope that does change.

Congrats too to Eric Guay (pictured) who finished 5th today in the men's downhill, only 33 1/100 of a second behind the gold medalist.

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