Friday 19 February 2010

Gold on the CN Tower for Mens Skeleton!

It's Friday night and Teena and I decided to meet after work for a couple of drinks and dinner.

First we hit the Rhino for dinner. Then we tried out a new spot with a cool name, the Parkdale Drink.

It was fun but I knew I was missing a very cool sport, one of my Olympic favorites, the final two runs of the men's and woman's Skeleton.
When we got home, I was happy to see there still was the second half of the men's third run still in progress and still the fourth and last one to go.

We had missed the finish of the woman's Skeleton and had found that Mellisa Hollingsworth of Canada, my favorite nation, missed a medal after four runs by 24/100 of a second. How close is that?

We still had medal potential for the men, though.

The second last racer down the track was Jon Montgomery of Canada who was behind the leader by 18/100 of a second after three runs. What a close sport! Any slight mistake can cost you.

And what happened?

Jon had a great run to take the lead and Martin Dukurs of Latvia came up a little short. 7/100 of a second short.

Talk about exciting! Canada with their fourth GOLD!

Afterward when I was walking KC, I saw once again that our CN Tower in Toronto was showing gold, for every time our athletes win Gold, the tower proudly displays it for all to see.

Thanks, Jon!

Another proud moment for Canada!

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