Saturday 23 January 2010

Ashtanga Yoga – Week 2 - I Hate Yoga

There I was ... right leg forward and straight, left leg back and straight, my left shoulder lifted high (my version of high) up towards the ceiling directly over my right shoulder (supposedly). My right hand was on the inside of my right calf and my left lifted straight upwards towards the Gods. I looked to my right and saw the clock.

It was only 11 o’clock. I still had a half hour to go!

My muscles were protesting what they were asked to do and my tee shirt and pants were more than damp with sweat. Ashtanga yoga is a fast paced workout. It does stretch out everything in my body.

Ella is a terrific instructor. She will show different versions of the same move depending on your experience and flexibility. She came by a couple of times to fix a position I would be awkwardly in. Apparently I was not uncomfortable enough in my position so she would put a knee against my back to lengthen my spine or grab my arm to stretch it higher to the ceiling, just so it would stretch and hurt a little more.

I know that yoga is so good for me, it helps my fencing and I do feel so much better after.

But I hate yoga!

And I’ll keep going again and again and again.

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