Friday 22 January 2010

26 By March 26 - Week 3

Weekly Exercise in Hours 11
Starting Weight 226.2
Weight Last Week 223.4
Weight This Week 222.6
Weight Loss This Week 0.8
Total Weight Loss 3.6
Total % Weight Loss 1.59%

Eight0tenths of a pound? That's it?

OK, I did not track points last weekend, which hurt.

And there was that deli lunch our company gave us last Friday ... have I ever been able to stop at just a half a deli sandwich? I had turned down lunches brought in for two weeks and this being the last one they were going to do, I wanted to partake.

This is a lifestyle change after all, not a diet.

Still with doing everything right, I am still losing weight. I am off the pace I need to be 200 by March 26 but heading the right way.

This weekend, going to do things the right way!

1 comment:

Teena in Toronto said...

At least you didn't gain!