Friday 29 January 2010

26 By March 26 - Week 4

Weekly Exercise in Hours - 10
Starting Weight - 226.2
Weight Last Week - 222.6
Weight This Week - 222
Weight Loss This Week - 0.6
Total Weight Loss - 4.2
Total % Weight Loss - 1.86%

Disappointed? I'll say!

I feel thinner. My shirts hang looser. My ring is loose on my finger. My fencing jacket is not as tight.

How is it then that I am down a little over half a pound this week and a little over 4 pounds for the month?

I was a little loose with my counting this week, something that I will tighten up in the weeks to come but still ...

Again, it is a lifestyle change not a diet and, yes, the weight is going in the right direction. This scale, though, will not discourage, nor defeat me.

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