Saturday 24 October 2009

Toronto Fashion Week

This week was Toronto Fashion Week 0r, as branded by L’Oréal, "LG Fashion week".

Why do I care about this?

Why is Toronto Fashion Week being touted on a blog called Booze Reviews?

Well, because it took place down at the end of our street.

Every day I walk by, to and from my way to work, and watch as they have been erecting the tents and setting up inside. It took a couple of weeks and was interesting to watch. It was more interesting when Fashion Week started.

As I walked home at night, I could see the neighborhood had transformed. Along King Street, I would pass young women, all dressed extremely stylishly. Tall boots, stockings and short skirts were all the rage. Nice, as I like that look. All were clutching little shopping bags or a folder from some designer and seemed quite pleased by the event.

Tall models were dashing across the street to grab a coffee from Starbucks. They were all tall, all skinny and I doubt they sprung for a muffin or biscotti. I must say that the tall skinny look is not my favorite. I love a woman with curves.

One tent was set up as a huge change room and make-up centre. The tent was glassed in at the end so you could walk up and watch interviews happening and dozens of models putting on their face for the coming show. That tent connect with the old dealership showroom which connected with the tent, which held the catwalk and main events.

One day I walked by and there were a half dozen models in the showroom, all dressed like Barbie, against a Barbie backdrop and the cameras all were flashing. Didn't have mine that day, damn it!. The purpose was for the "Barbie by David Dixon" collection.

And always, always there were lineups to get in, police controlling the area, everyone standing around outside, male and female, all properly fashionably attired.

It was fun to watch and I liked the buzz in the area. Hopefully next year, it will be back. Here are some more pictures.

The make-up tent

Apparently this is designer Ula Zukowska being interviewed ...

Another interview ...

The main event tent ...

Publicity shot of the catwalk ...

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