Thursday 24 September 2009

Indulge Farmers Market

I work downtown beside Metro Hall. On Thursdays from May to October, the Indulge Farmers Market, which features local farmers from just outside Toronto selling fresh fruit, vegetables, fresh made bread, cheese and even meat.

They also have a stage and seating for live music which plays from 12:30 to 1:30, sometimes longer. This week it was Jordan John (pictured), an R&B musician who was quite good.

There is also food tents which cook meals from scratch. By far the favorite is the back bacon stand (pictured) which is lined up from opening till close.

I always bring home six fresh bagels made with no preservatives and roasted soy nuts. This week, it was chili lime soy nuts. The salted, unsalted and BBQed are also delicious. For weeks I also came home with fresh picked corn for Thursday night and Friday night but Teena and I are now all corned-out.

The market closes in two weeks. Too bad as I always look forward to it. I love love living and working downtown.

Here are two different views of Metro Square Park. The first is this week's farmers market.

This next one is the same view taken last Friday when the Toronto International Film Festival was holding a gala event at Roy Thompson Hall. It was taken three hours before the event and there was already a throng of people saving their places to watch the celebs walk the red carpet.