Sunday 1 February 2009

Super Bowl Beer Tasting

For Super Bowl, my friends and I gathered at Craig's to watch the game.

Kevin and Alfred brought along appetizers and munchies. Craig supplied the main course, assorted sliced meats and cheeses, fresh buns, Caesar salad, meatballs and two types of baked wings. It was a great spread! We weren't going hungry!

I brought 10 Ontario beers to sample.They consisted of the OCB Discovery Pack #2 which contained one each of Nickel Brook Apple Pilsner, Robert Simpson Confederation Ale, Trafalgar Elora Irish Ale, Cameron's Auburn Ale, Mill Street Tankhouse Ale, and a Black Oak Nut Brown Ale. I also brought along a Wellington County Dark Ale, a JR Brickman Founder Series Pilsner, a King Pilsner and, as I wanted them to taste my favorite Ontario IPA, a Sgt Major IPA.

Before we could start, we needed to loosen up. And what better way than to jump into the hot tub? It was 4C, bright and sunny and a great way to spend 3/4 of an hour loosening up. Then it was a dash to the house to dry off, change and start into the sampling.

We used the same system to score that they use at the C'est What tastings.

Everyone enjoyed the tasting and the Black Oak Nut Brown Ale came out on top.

Here are the top 10 as rated by our panel:

The Panel: Kevin, Alfred, Gord, Craig

1- Black Oak Nut Brown Ale **
2- King Pilsner
3- Robert Simpson Confederation Ale **
4- Sgt Major IPA
5- Wellington County Dark Ale
6- Mill Street Tank House Ale **
7- Trafalgar Elora Irish Ale **
8- JR Brickman Founder Series Pilsner
9- Cameron's Auburn Ale **
10- Nickel Brook Apple Pilsner **

** Signifies the brand is part of the OCB Discovery Pack

My favorite, not counting the Sgt Major (which I am well familiar with and have a bias towards), was the King's Pilsner, followed closely by the Black Oak.

Here are the rest of the panels top choices.

Kevin - Trafalgar Elora Irish Ale
Craig - Robert Simpson Confederation Ale
Alfred -King Pilsner

According to Alfred, it was "an excellent evening of beer, football and bonding."

Couldn't agree more, Alfred, couldn't agree more!

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Sarah said...

Looks like you had a fun time! What a great way to spend Superbowl Sunday. You must have enjoyed having your friends being on the beer tasting panel.