Saturday 22 November 2008

Bier Markt King West

Every night I walk by the new Bier Markt on King St on my way home from work. I never really liked the one on the Esplanade, finding it always noisy and crowded, so could always resist going in to this one.

I finally stopped in on the new King location last night and really liked it. Teena and I sat at the bar and had instant service. I ordered a Mill Street Tankhouse Ale, as I wanted something familiar to start with while I went through the beer list. Teena had a Keith's.

The amount of beers from around the world that they have on tap is quite extensive. Each is well described in their beer guide, a thick manual with all the beers they have on tap and in bottles.

In the mood for something different, I asked our bartender if they had an Abbey Ale on tap. He said they didn't that night but had a Trappist Ale, the Koningshoeven Quadrupel. Weighing in at 10% alcohol, this dark amber ale comes in a smaller Koningshoeven bowl- shaped glass. I was excited to try this as a few weeks earlier I had done a beer of the week on their bottle conditioned Tripel. I found it to be an excellent sipping beer, slightly on the sweet side. I quite enjoyed it.

For my last choice I finished with a pint of excellent Erdinger Weissbier Dunkel, also available on tap. It was an extremely dark brown beer served in a tall pint glass. Another enjoyable choice.

I liked the atmosphere, the prices and the amazing beer selection of the King location of the Bier Markt which, in a way, is bad. Now it's going to be much harder to just walk by.

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