Tuesday 10 June 2008

Devils Pale Ale 666

Alcohol - 6%
Sugar -3
Price - $2.50
Size - 473 ml can

"The devil made me brew it"

I was very interested in this beer when I saw it on the shelf of our local LCBO. Devils 666, made by Great Lakes Brewing Co, in the Queensway - Islington area of Toronto, one that we have plans on visiting, is available only in a 473 ml very cool can.

I am finding Pale Ales quite interesting and enjoyable but was a little leery that the 6% alcohol would make for a harsh beer. I was wrong.

Devils Pale Ale has a very dark, heavy looking appearance, much darker than any pale ale I have tasted before. I expected a beer with a strong bite but what I found though was a weak tasting beer with little body, a little bite and no finish. I was quite disappointed. It had a nice dark colour and head but was a weak sister to other Pale Ales and beers that I have tried.

It is a more costly and less satisfying beer that I will not be purchasing again.

I am still looking forward to visiting the brewery, taking a tour and trying some of their other brands, which have been quite successful at the Canadian brewing awards. In particular:

2007: Gold Medal, Canadian Brewing Awards, North American Style Amber Lager(Red Leaf)
2007: Silver Medal, Canadian Brewing Awards, North American Style Lager(Golden Horseshoe)
2007: Bronze Medal, Canadian Brewing Awards, North American Style Dark Lager(Black Jack)

I will pass on the Devils 666 unless they provide me with a free sample.

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