Thursday 19 January 2023

Weight Watchers Style Chicken Curry

 Tonight, I made Teena and I Chicken Curry. As we are now more conscious of what we eat, well, for me, in the most part, I found a recipe that was Weight Watchers friendly on the Food website. 

Here are the ingredients from the original recipe.

1⁄2- cup plain low-fat yogurt 2- garlic cloves, minced

1- teaspoon curry powder 

1⁄4- teaspoon ground coriander 

1⁄4- teaspoon ground ginger 

1⁄4- teaspoon salt dash ground red pepper 

1 1⁄2- lbs chicken parts, skinned 

2- teaspoons vegetable oil 

1⁄2- cup chopped tomato 

1- bay leaf

*** Note: I also used 1 shallot, no coriander, which I don't like, and 1 1/2 teaspoon of curry powder.

First, I diced the tomato and shallot. I should've diced the tomato into small pieces which I did in the pan.

I used skinless, boneless chicken thighs. The thighs I cut into small pieces.

Combine the chicken, yogurt and spices in a bowl. Let stand for 30 minutes.

In a 12 inch, 5 cm fry pan, heat the oil, then add the onion. Cook for a minute or two, then add the tomato and bay leaf. Let simmer for 5 minutes.

Add the marinated chicken and scrap remaining sauce into pan, bring to a boil, then reduce the heat and cover. Stir every 10 minutes. I found the sauce didn't thicken so removed the lid with 5 minutes to go. The sauce still needed to be thicker so for the next three to four minutes, turned up the heat and kept stirring the mixture until the sauce was to my, and Teena's satisfaction. 

We spooned the curry over basmati rice. I'm trying to learn to enjoy curry and this was an excellent starter recipe for me. Next time, I would add 3 teaspoons of curry powder instead of the 1 1/2 I used.

I really enjoyed this dish as did Teena, and it's something I will keep making in the future.

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