Saturday 10 August 2019

Wolfpack Win and Showoff Their Championship Shield

Above is one of two goals which teams strive for in the Betfred Championship Rugby League ... the Championship Shield. The second, of course, is advancement to the Super League. That is still to be determined for 2019 but the Wolfpack's chances are excellent.

The Toronto Wolfpack's last game was an away game and with that win they clinched the shield. At today's game at The Den, Lamport Stadium, they showed if off before and after the game. Here is the Toronto Wolfpack Dance Team with the Shield before the game.

As usual, a contingent of fans came over from England to support their team. Today it was fans of the York City Knights, who came into today's game in second place with a 15-7-1 record.

Teena and I before the game.

The Wolfpack take the field.

The national anthems are sung.

Opening kick-off and first half action.

Gareth (Gaz) O'Brien kicks a 2 point conversion near the end of the half.  He scored the first three tries of the game and added five, two point conversions in the contest.

The Wolfpack dominated the first half and led 32 - 0 at the half.

Jefferson was part of the entertainment at the half and throughout the game.

The Wolfpack Dance team also entertained.

Knight fans finally had something to cheer about in the second half with a try and a conversion. It were the only points they scored but put some pressure of the Wolfpack defence during the half.

A couple of players suffered cramps on this hot afternoon.

Fighting for the ball during a kick.

It was never close. In the end, Toronto triumphed 56 - 6.

They hit hard during the game but shake and hug after game.

The York City players came over to thank their fans after the game.

Time to present the Shield to the team in front of their adoring fans.

The players are so fan interactive. After the presentation, they walked the stadium with the Shield.

I hope they put it on display at the store like they did last year. It was a thrill to have our picture taken with it. I want to have another one taken with this year's trophy.

Next week, the Wolfpack take on the Rochdale Hornets. Of course, we'll be there.

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