Wednesday 21 August 2019

The Forks Market Plaza and Common Patio at the Forks

After walking around and discovering all that the park at the Forks National Historic Site had to offer,  I came upon the The Forks Market Plaza. Its contains a shopping market, large patio area, food hall and craft beer bars.

The Inn on the Forks. I love the location but am glad the city only gave in to one hotel in this area.

The Johnson Terminal, which once was a cold storage warehouse for the railway and has been transformed into a boutique shopping market.

The Forks Market, a former stable for the railroad, is now a food hall. There is a large variety of vendors. This is not a shopping mall food court. There is lots of selection and from what I ate and saw others eating, the quality and quantity was quite good. There is a craft beer bar inside and another outside on the patio. Anything you buy to eat, you can take out onto the large, two level common patio by the river. That's what I did.

A view of the Assiniboine from the bottom of the patio steps.

Not too many places you can see this as you eat and relax.

The six-story Forks Market Tower offers great views of the area.

Of course, I had to have my picture taken here.

Back to the ground where I felt safest. There is an open pavilion where free yoga was taking place.

Looking at the top side of the common patio.

I couldn't leave without buying a tee shirt. This has a picture of Louis Riel, leader of the North-West Rebellion and ultimately founder of Manitoba. The caption under his likeness reads Keep It Riel.

It is a fabulously set up area. So many locals and tourists were here enjoying the warm sunny afternoon. Tables and Muskoka chairs are everywhere. I'm glad I found it and plan to visit again tomorrow.

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