Sunday 21 July 2019

Baseball with the Boys in Detroit

This past weekend the guys I grew up with and I headed to see the Blue Jays play in Detroit.

After our first hotel booking fell through (we cancelled and walked out. It was a dump!), we found rooms in the Four Points Downtown, which is part of the Sheraton chain. Wow! The staff there was great. We only had 2 rooms for the Friday night but they informed us right away of cancellations for Saturday night, so ended up with two rooms again. Special thanks to Graeme on the front desk for helping us with so many things.

Due to having to search for a hotel, we were an inning late getting across the border to the game. In my rush, I forgot my camera. I wish I had it just for the 4th inning tribute to cancer survivors. It was so moving.

I did have my camera for last night's.

National anthems.

There are many features to the ballpark for kids such as a larger tiger themed merry-go-round, which I didn't get a chance to take a picture of, this Ferris-wheel and more.

Umpire meeting.

And here we are. From left to right, Alfred, me, Craig and Kevin

First pitch and some ballpark views.

We moved to seats across the diamond. Kevin stayed. This was taken from across the diamond.

More action.

And then came the rain ...

This morning looked much better from our hotel room.

Pictures from today's game.

There are some fun things they do between innings. There is a car race. Each car is introduced with the name and race from the right field wall to behind home plate. The win records for the year are posted on the scoreboard after.

Later this buggy comes out, smoke stacks and horns a blowing! See that round contraption on the back? It's a gattling-gun tee-shirt launcher. It fires them high over the safety net with some even reaching the top deck. It gets the biggest cheers of the day.

It was a good week-end for the Jays, winning two of their three games. They lost in the bottom of the tenth 4-3 today.

For us, it was a fabulous weekend. It's been three years since we did this due to my being sick. Looking forward to our getting away together to getting back to being an annual event.

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