Monday 6 May 2019

My New Recycle a Cup

I am trying to be more environmentally conscious. One problem I have is I really enjoy coffee and find my Keurig coffee maker so convenient to use. I go through two or three cups a day. Now that doesn't sound like much but 2 pods per day times 365 days equals 3.65 kg or almost 8 pounds. That's just for one person. Multiply that by how many millions!

So, what to do about the used pods?

I started cutting them with scissors, then scraping out the insides. It was messy and awkward. I was unsure what could be recycled besides the outside plastic cup and what could be composted. Turns out the inside bag and grounds are compostable and the lid and sides recyclable.

During this research, I discovered Recycle a cup. It looked easy to use so I ordered one.

It is easy to use. Just fit the cutter over the pod, push in the green tabs and twist.

It cuts the top right off and the cup is ready to recycle.

I know I sound like a commercial but I'm not being paid in any way for this. The five cups below were cut off in about thirty seconds. I then took scissors and cut off the sack and grounds, which I put in the compost. Then I rinsed the lids for recycling. The whole thing took just a couple of minutes.

A warning if you live in Canada as I do. The cups were held up for inspection at the border so I didn't get them for a little over two weeks. I'm glad I have them now.

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