Sunday 28 April 2019

The 2019 Toronto Wolfpack Home Opener at Lamport Stadium

It's been a long time since the Toronto Wolfpack were here at home playing in front of their fans at The Den, good old Lamport Stadium. 9,562 loud, cheering fans were on hand to welcome them. Today the 10-1 Wolfpack were taking on the 2-9 Swinton Lions.

Nice to see the shop across the road open.

Music outside the entrance.

Teena and I were there early to get our regular seats.

Our friends, Malcolm, Mary and Roger were with us.

And here come the Pack!

National anthems, God save the Queen and Oh Canada were sung.

Opening kickoff.

I stole borrowed this from Teena's post. Mugging the opposition! Nice shot, Teena!

It was a hard hitting first half. In fact, just before time ran out, one of my favorites, Blake Wallace, took a hard shoulder to the head which flattened him. It took a couple of minutes to get his wits back about him but then instead of leaving the field, kicked a 30+ metre 2 point penalty kick. These guys are tough!

More action.

The Swinton section.

Blake Wallace with the single point conversion.

Section 35 was noisy all game singing, waving flags and beating drums.

Josh McCrone is hard to haul down.

He didn't touch the ball to the ground in the endzone so no try (4 points)

Halftime and the Wolfpack Dance team.

In the off-season, mascot Jefferson's outfit was stolen. There was a solemn service to say good-bye.

The new mascot, Gordo, (I liked the name for some reason) came out. What a chintzy, cheap outfit he was!

But look ... on the other side of the field. It was a ruse. JEFFERSON IS BACK!

Everyone was ecstatic!

Me too!

Wolfpack led 24-6 at the half. Opening kickoff.

Second half action.

Wolfpack win 52-10!

Swinton fans cheer and have their pictures taken with the players.

Toronto fans cheered the Swinton players as the took a lap of the field.

It was a great afternoon as always. Next week our 11-1 Toronto Wolfpack take on the 8-4 Bradford Bulls in the Den. Teena and I will be there!

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