Sunday 21 April 2019

An Afternoon at stackt

Teena and I have been watching a new shopping/tourist area being developed on Bathurst just below King, by the train bridge. It's a series of shops inside converted new shipping containers and the market is appropriately called stackt.

Through the use of shipping containers, we’ve taken unused land and transformed it into an experience of curated discovery. We’re the ever-changing end result of a cultural lifestyle market mixed with a community meeting hub, in a space designed to feed your curiosity and inspire your thinking. Come discover what stackt contains …The different containers are wired and ready to go.

The shops can be rented by the day, month or six month period, which is great as there will be an ever changing variety of places to see.

The containers can also be rented as singles or doubles. Some units are shared. In one of these, I purchased a meditation ring from Laborde. Looks nice, doesn't it?

I was surprised when we reached the back. There was a large beer hall and patio. Belgium Moon brews on site.

There were places to purchase food inside and out. I hit this tent for a bowl of Humpty Potato Salad, a potato salad done southern style. Wow! Was it delicious! Chunks of red potato, a creamy dressing, bacon, green onion, celery for crutch and whatever seasoning. I'll get it again next time I'm there.

Inside the beer hall.

We met a nice couple of friends, Perry and Amelia.

The view from the door of the beer hall. I see on the stackt website they will be showing outdoor movies in the open area starting in May. Might have to drop in for that.

Teena and I are looking forward to going back, especially on a nice warm afternoon.

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