Friday 13 April 2018

Toronto Rock Loses 'Must Win' Game

Tonight the Toronto Rock played host to the Rochester Knighthawks at the ACC in their last home game of the regular season.

The Western division standings have already been decided but the East is a log jam. Three teams have 8-7 records while two sit at 7-8. The top three teams make it to the playoffs and there are three games left to play.

Rochester sat at top of the division based on Goals at 8-7 while Toronto came in at 7-8. A win would put Toronto in first. A loss would seriously jeopardize their playoff hopes.

Scotty Newlands sang the American national anthem and a band and choir from Upper Canada College performed "Oh Canada".

The opening face off.

The Rock were tied at 3-3 in the second quarter then exploded for 5 goals to take an 8-3 lead. The 11,463 fans were rocking.

Rochester, however, didn't quit and scored 3 goals in 2 minutes and 33 seconds to close the gap at the end of the half to 8-6. Two of those goals were scored just 17 seconds apart.

It got worse from there in the second half. Toronto managed just 3 goals in the entire half while Rochchester had their way with them and scored 10 to take the win 14-11.

It's hard to expect the Rock to win when they only seem to play half the game. They also only won 8 out of 30 faceoffs giving Rochester instant control of the ball 22 times.

Here are Teena and I.

The Toronto Rock Cheerleaders always put on a great show.

The Rock didn't win and we didn't either.

Win or lose, the Rock players always salute their fans.

Buffalo and Georgia both play teams from the west on Saturday night. The Rock needs to see at least one lose to have a faint hope of making the playoffs. A Buffalo loss would work well for the Rock as they play them next weekend.

Fingers crossed.

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