Friday 30 March 2018

A Birthday Surprise at the Toronto Rock Game

Tonight Teena and I were at the ACC to watch the Toronto Rock take on the Colorado Mammoth. Although my birthday is tomorrow, Teena surprised me by having my friends show up at the game and yes, I was very surprised.

Above is a group shot of us. In the row behind me, from left to right, are Kevin and Rose, Christine and Alfred, Craig and his daughter, Stephanie. Sitting in the row with me, from left to right, are Malcolm and Mary, Me and Teena and Trish.

Look at the sweatshirt that was made for me!

Rose wrote this poem. It is now framed and hanging by my writing desk.


I also received LottoMax tickets. Damn, no winners but always fun to check in anticipation there just might be. 

Teena had my name in lights on the scoreboard.

One funny note. Teena was to have a couple of cheerleaders come and give me a present. They went to the wrong person. The present was a ball cap but the fellow who received it was a Mammoth fan, who gave the hat away ... to Stephanie. Glad to see the hat ended up in the right group!

It was a fun night and such a great surprise. Thanks everybody for coming!

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