Sunday 1 October 2017

The Yoga and Wellness Show

Today I went to the Yoga and Wellness Show at the Enercare building on the CNE grounds. I have done yoga from time to time and find it very helpful. I've been meaning to do it more often. Also, I am trying to live a more healthy lifestyle so figured this show might be for me.

The Yoga & Wellness Show features all vendors big and small who have something to contribute to the show in various health conscious categories including yoga studios, gym memberships, healthy nutrition, naturopathy, spiritual well being, food sampling, clothing and jewellery, motivational speaking, meditative arts, aromatherapy, all the shopping you could ask for and so much more!

Yoga Show goers are encouraged to bring a mat, (or buy one at the show!) and throw your mat down in the Zen Zone to participate in free yoga classes. Hatha, vinyasa, acro, and maybe even a dance or two. All yoga levels are welcome!

In the first aisle was Succuterra. I am a fan of cactus. They take absolutely no work and thrive on neglect. Just the type of plant I need.

See the ones in the back of the picture below. They are lythops, also know as living rocks. I have been looking for these for years.

These are the two that called out to me to bring them home, which I did. I likely will be ordering some more online too.

There were a lot of booths so I'm only going to show those I had an interest in such as Bounce who make health food snacks. The ones I tried were tasty.

The folks at nuPasta made up pesto pasta with their pasta. It was delicious so I bought three different ones.

I sampled some health drinks from Avazera.

Almost, yes, I almost, oh I came so very close to buying a hat from In the Ville.

This fit so perfectly and looked great on me. It was all the willpower I could muster not to buy it.

Pure Leaf Ice Tea were giving out samples. I have bought them many times in the past.

Passport to Prana had an interesting concept. For $30, a person gets one free class per studio, per year at all participating yoga studios in your city.

The schedule for the Zen Zone for free yoga and meditation sessions.

I received some free samples from Manitoba Harvest Hemp Foods to eat as a snack or sprinkle on my oatmeal, plus there were already sample from them in the goody bag I received at the door.

The orange drink from BioSteel was tasty.

I finished my day with a 30 minute Thai massage from King Thai Massage. When I watched them work on others, I could not pass that up. It felt fantastic and worked out all my kinks. I was quite sad when it was over.

I enjoyed the show and would not hesitate to go back again next year.


Lahore Design Studio said...

I have never done yoga and reading this post makes me realize that i am missing out on a lot. it not only is a healthy activity but i think it also cleanses the mind.

ski bag said...

Yoga and Wellness Show is like one place for all the health beneficial things.I love to know that you have visited different stalls related to plants,yoga etc.I am also planning to go there after reading your article.