Friday 20 October 2017

My New Fidgets from Fidgetland

The other night Teena and I were watching Shark Tank and Jason Burns the owner of Fidgetland came on to make his pitch. he accepted Shark Barbara Corcoran's offer of 20% for $50,000.

All of our fidgets are made with the same purpose: to improve people’s lives by stimulating their mind and absorbing excess energy. Evidence has shown us that fidgeting is an effective way to decrease anxiety and help maintain focus. Our adult fidgets are designed for larger hands and like all of our fidgets are discreet and durable, making them ideal for meeting and classroom settings.

In addition, our customers have had success using our fidgets to overcome or cope with symptoms associated with: ADD, ADHD, ASD, Autism, Asperger Syndrome, Sensory Integration, Trichotillomania, SPD, Nail Biting, Thumb Sucking, Anxiety, Stress, Hair Twirling and many others.

I have a terribly bad habit of biting my nails and thought this would help so I ordered the Noah and Noah Jumbo. It's the first time I have ordered an item that I have seen on this show.

Noah is the ultimate fidget toy and was the first in our line of fidgets. Like most of our products Noah has two interlocking rings, but what makes Noah different is the large silicone band in the center that rolls back and forth like a treadmill for your fingers. Noah was designed to be used in the classroom and in meetings; it's discreet, durable and awesome! Noah is available in regular and Jumbo.

As there was a small confusion with my order they also threw in their Chaney: A small chain that fits in the palm of your hand, great for playing and creating different shapes. Good for the office or studying. It can be a bit noisy so we don't suggest for use in the classroom or meetings. Like all our fidgets, Chaney helps reduce stress and anxiety while increasing focus and attention, can't get better than that!

Oh, my hands aren't usually this wrinkled. I had just finished washing the dishes when the delivery came!

I have already been using them and think they will be a big help to me. The jumbo I'll use while watching TV, the smaller Noah I will carry with me and Chaney is now siting beside my laptop and I have used it a few times while doing up this post.

The customer service was great and the fidgets are very well made and look to be quite durable. I wish Mr. Burns the best of luck with his company.

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