Wednesday 9 August 2017

Breakfast at the Sunset Grill - Wellington St. Toronto

This morning I had an early appointment and afterwards stopped in for breakfast at the Sunset Grill at the northeast end of the CBC building on Wellington. Although they had a nice outdoor patio, I choose to eat inside.

The restaurant looks very new, lots of wood, and I liked the openness of it.

I was torn between the Crab Cake Benedict and my regular breakfast of bacon and eggs. Bacon and eggs won out.

The easy over eggs were done perfectly and the bacon was the right crispiness, not under- nor overcooked. When you see the (5) beside bacon on the menu, that means you are getting five slices!

My son, Ken, worked for a restaurant in Aurora that specialized in breakfasts. The owner told him the secret to a great restaurant breakfast is in the home fries. There's not much that can be done special to eggs, bacon or toast, so the secret is in the home fries. Over the years, I have come to very much agree with that. No problem here as the home fires were very tasty.

Not only was the food great, but for downtown, it is also a decent price. The staff looked after me very well. I would not hesitate to eat there again.!

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