Wednesday 21 June 2017

Take Out at Baba's Doner House, Queen St West

Last night Teena and I walked to a new place that had opened in our neighbourhood, Baba's Doner House. Not to be confused with a shawarma shop, the doner originates from Turkey, where, Ali, the owner, is originally from.

Baba's serves theirs as a sandwich on pita bread or as a meal. We had the meal.

The shop is extremely clean and Ali (the place is named after his father who brought the business over from Istanbul) is very friendly and chatty.

It is all about the taste and this is a very tasty meal. I had the chicken, which marinates overnight and is cooked slowly for four to five hours, is full of flavour. The rice was very nice and fluffy and the salad had an excellent tang.

My only regret is that they have something called a Pistachio Roll, which I did not get. I will the next time I am there, which I can see happening sometime next week.

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