Tuesday 16 May 2017

Jays Lose to Atlanta

This afternoon was an early 4:07pm start for the Toronto Blue Jays against Atlanta at the Roger's Centre. This meant I could head over after work. It was just a short walk and I was in my seat half way through the first inning. Unhappily Atlanta already had 2-0 lead.

Marco Estrada was pitching for the Blue Jays.

The view from my seat.

Kendrys Morales takes a ball.

Canadian Freddie Freeman homers for Atlanta. If Kevin Pillar can't keep it in the park, nobody can!

With the Jays down 5-3 and coming back, Atlanta had a meeting on the mound after Justin Smoak was walked and changed up their pitcher. It didn't help them as the Jays scored two more runs to tie the game.

Darwin Barney strokes an RBI single.

Danny Barnes in the wind-up.

Freddie Freeman is gunned down trying to steal second.

Pilllar flies out to deep centre field.

OK. Justin Smoak made a brilliant catch behind first base of a hot line drive. He flipped it the ball to Ryan Tepera who came over to cover first. Their timing was perfect, however, the timing of my shot was not!

The view from the Jays Flight Deck.

Justin Smoak takes a might swing and fouls one off.

With Morales on first, Atlanta pitcher Vizciano throws one in the dirt which is blocked by catcher Ohlman.

In the end, the Jays lost 9-5. One more hope, though. The 50/50 draw.

Nope. No winner there either.

The Jays are coming back on the season, though, having won five of their last seven games. Hopefully they get even with Atlanta when they play their next two games in that city Wednesday and Thursday.

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